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"Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better."

-Pat Riley

Mixer Desk
Mixer Desk



  • Proven Track Record of Collaborating with Sales, Resulting in Revenue Generation

  • Ratings Increase

  • Coaching Talent

  • Digital Expansion

  • Bottom Line friendly programmer

  • Create, modify, or nurture  a winning culture.

  • Coach and encourage growth in a multi platform media world.                                                

What Am I Known For?

  • My work ethic. Instilled early by old world value parents who were a product of miners, military and farmers.  Personal and professional growth are paramount, and I walk my talk. I've worked oilfields in Alaska and North Dakota @ -65 and 40 feet in the air, and very afraid of heights but I never flake on a commitment.

  • My Passion: My daughter, Music, Drumming, Martial Arts, working out, Batman, Golden Retrievers, and building great media brands.

  • My super powers are drive, character, reliability and my uncanny ability to drive on empty without running out of gas.

  •  A Genuine Leader who cares about family, people and reputation. We dont get through this thing called life alone.

  •  The Heart of a Lion.

My Kajukenbo instructor once spotlighted me out in front of a much younger class as an example. Not because I was exceptional, but because of my effort. Where there is a will, there is a way.

  • I am relentless, accountable, and  crave knowledge and growth

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Mixer Desk


'Dan is passionate about radio, like most with his experience and tenure he is a dedicated broadcast pro who wants the best sound from his station and staff. Hot A/C and Rock are his signature formats and imaging a station comes natural for him. Dan is a Brand Manager who gets it. He knows what a great station sounds like and he can deliver. It's nice to know that seasoned programmers like Dan still exist.'

- Brad LaRock

Former Market Manager

Townsquare Media/Grand Junction,CO

Dan Thomas is an excellent example of someone that has a passion for his craft. His desire to understand the full spectrum of the radio industry is reflected in his experience as a Program Director, Senior Account Executive and Operations Manager. Dan has a firm grasp on the changing landscape of the industry, and his ideas are fresh and relevant. His foundation of experience, and a keen awareness of how the industry is changing make him a strong candidate for any company seeking to keep up in a new age for radio.

- Michael Novelli

Marketing Strategist/Principle

Innovate Solutions

Don’t fear failure. — Not failure, but low aim, is the crime. In great attempts it is glorious even to fail.

~Bruce Lee

'Dan Thomas is a terrific example of passion, creativity, and drive in the radio industry. He has worked on both sides of the fence with programming and sales using the knowledge and experience in both fields to increase his success in each. Dan was a pleasure to work with on a daily basis, always eager for the next challenge and opportunity. I know his career will be a long one in radio!'

~ Kim Williams

Market President

iHeartMedia/Fairbanks, AK

'Dan's programming experience gives him an edge in working on the Sales side. He's comfortable working one on one with local direct accounts, and in making large presentations to agencies. He's a true believer in Radio, and that comes across loud and clear in his work with clients. A fearless closer.'

~Andrew Lohman

Area President

iHeartMedia Alaska

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Win iPhone's before you can buy them.

We bought 5 iPhone's in Hawaii before they were available in Alaska. Sold remotes and Truck stops. 6 months service was paid for up to the time for Alaska's iPhone launch. Lines were in the hundreds for each remote/stop.

MNF with House of Harley & The Peanut Farm-

Got a loaner Harley for display in sports bar for weekly prizing and a trade schedule. Bought an insurance policy for the price of the Harley. Miller girls signed up patrons for a chance to roll the custom Peanut Farm radio station  dice during the game to win prizes or the bike. Miller Beer bought a TV schedule for support. larger than life.

Fresno Outdoor & Rec show-

Sold booths to businesses targeting the outdoors. ATV, Bikes, Trucks, Hunting,  fishing related booths. Archery, guns, Kid Pond for the kids sponsored by DNR and demonstrations from fly fishing guides, DNR, Dan the snake man, Slash Dogs demo team, food trucks, beer garden and live music. Had a local charity ranch on site and donated a portion of the proceeds.

A personal win for me was when I did sales for iHeart/Clear Channel. Client was The Peanut Farm in Anchorage. Lots of Miller Beer money and Monday and Sunday football schedules at stake. I got the charter sponsor and promotion for MNF and SNF on site for both, 45k for my stations from sports bar and 22k from Miller beer. But the icing on the cake was when the Mgr. laid out the rest of the  proposals and asked where he should place the remainder of his schedules. He trusted me because he knew that I had his best interests in mind. My SM was in shock

 Experienced Operations/Brand Manager with strong skills across broadcast & digital mediums
 High Performance Ratings in multiple formats
 On-Air Talent
 Imaging and Production Specialist
 Experienced Talent Coach

 iHeart Media

Anchorage, AK (Current)

Senior AE specializing in digital, terrestrial and event marketing.

 Results Radio

(KRQR/KTHU/KCEZ/KBQB) Chico, CA  (2016-2017)
 Operations Manager supervising 4 market leading stations
 Rock On-Air Talent/PD for #1 25-54 M&P 2 book avg.
 Re-imaged and created new morning show.

 Townsquare Media

(KEKB/KKNN/KMXY/KEXO-AM/KBKL) Grand Junction, CO (2013-2014)
 Operations Manager supervising 5 market-leading stations
 Rock and Hot/AC On-Air Talent
 Re-imaged both Rock and Hot/AC stations

 Lotus Communications

KKBZ /Fresno, CA (2010- 2013)
 Brand Manager and PM Drive On-Air Talent
 Hired and trained new air staff
 Re-Imaged station to better fit ‘Next Generation Classic Rock’
 #11th to 4th AQH P25-54 in first year in both M-F 6a-12m and PM Drive

 Ohana Media 


 Air talent for Country KXLW
 AE for 4 station cluster

Tati Broadcasting

KZND/KNIK/KMVN Anchorage, AK (2007-2008)
 Operations Manager for three station group - Alternative/Smooth Jazz/Hot AC
 Helped launch company startup from the ground up
 Constructed automation systems and built in-house networks
 Talent coaching for all formats

iHeart Media

KGOT/KBFX/KTZN Anchorage, AK (2001-2007)
 Account Executive for Classic Rock, Sports and CHR stations
 Marketing Top clients included Budweiser, Subway, Burger King, Miller Beer
 Represented stations at large and small agencies

Alpha Media

KWHL 1065 K-Whale Anchorage, AK (1995-2001)
 Program Director for Active Rock K-Whale
 Transitioned station from Alternative to Active Rock, re-imaged and positioned the
station while handling Afternoon Drive
 Regained market leads in 25-54,18-34 and #2 12+
 Put together top morning show that still dominates the market years later

Skill Set
 Adobe & Cool Edit Digital Production
 Experienced with G-Selector & Music Master and Powergold scheduling systems

 Wide Orbit Scott Studios, OPX Automation
 Social Media Content and Development
 On-Air Talent development



Rick Rydell

Former Major and Medium Market morning show talent 

Cleveland, Portland, Spokane, Anchorage

(907) 748-1229

 Bill  "Stu" Stewart


iHeart Media/Spokane

(602) 785-5329


Lee Cagle

Operations Manager

Summit Media/Louisville, KY

(901) 219-5036


Ken Anthony

For Major Market Programmer, Consultant & Allaccess Rock editor

(818) 429-9442


Andy Lohman

Area President

iHeart Media/ Anchorage, AK

(907) 522-1515

Radio Show

On-air- Online-On-site. On it


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